Browser Profiles in Python Selenium

In this Python Selenium article we want to learn about Browser Profiles in Python Selenium, Browser profiles plays an important role in web automation using Python Selenium. They allows you to customize different settings, preferences and configurations of the browser. In this tutorial we want to talk about this concept.



For working with the example of this tutorial you need some requirements, first you should have installed Python in your system, then we need to install Python Selenium and you can use pip for that like this, also you need to driver for specific browser.



Note: You can download the drivers from here.





Python Selenium Chrome Browser Profile

Google Chrome provides the ability to create and manage different browser profiles. Each profile can have its own set of preferences, extensions, bookmarks and browsing history. This is an example of how to utilize browser profiles in Python Selenium for Google Chrome:




Python Selenium Firefox Browser Profile

Mozilla Firefox also supports creating and managing browser profiles. Each profile in Firefox can have its own settings, extensions and other preferences. This is an example of how to use browser profiles in Python Selenium for Mozilla Firefox:




Python Selenium Customizing Browser Profile

You can further customize browser profiles by modifying different settings and preferences. For example you can set proxy configurations, disable notifications, modify browser window size and many more. This is an example of customizing a Chrome browser profile with additional preferences:



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