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In this lesson we want to learn about Python PySide6 QLabel, it is One of the most commonly used widgets in PySide6 is QLabel, which can display text and images in window or dialog. In this lesson, we will discuss how to work with the Python PySide6 QLabel widget to create labels and customize their appearance.



Creating a QPushButton

To create a QPushButton in PySide6, we first need to import the QtWidgets module.



We can then create a new QPushButton object by calling its constructor

This creates a new button with the label “Click me!”.


We can add this button to our application’s layout using the addWidget() method of a layout object. For example if we have a QVBoxLayout object called layout we can add the button to it like this:

When the button is clicked, it emits a signal that we can connect to a slot to perform some action.



Connecting Signals and Slots

To perform an action when a QPushButton is clicked, we need to connect its clicked signal to a slot. A slot is a function that performs some action when it is called. We can define a slot function in our code like this:



We can then connect the button’s clicked signal to this slot using the connect() method:

Now, when the button is clicked, the on_button_click() function will be called, and the message “Button was clicked!” will be printed to the console.



Setting Button Properties

We can also set various properties of a QPushButton to change its appearance or behavior. For example, we can change the label of the button using the setText() method:



We can set the size of the button using the setFixedSize() method:



We can disable the button using the setEnabled() method:

These are just a few of the many properties that we can set for a QPushButton.



This is the complete code Python PySide6 QPushButton

in this example we create a new MainWindow object that contains a single QPushButton. When the button is clicked, the on_button_click() slot is called, which changes the button’s label to “Button was clicked!” and disables it.



Run the code and this will be the result.

Python PySide6 QPushButton
Python PySide6 QPushButton




Final Thoughts

PySide6 QPushButton widget is a powerful tool for creating buttons that users can click to trigger events in our applications. We can create new buttons, connect their signals to slots, and set various properties to customize their appearance and behavior. With these tools, we can create interactive and dynamic graphical user interfaces that respond to user input.