How to Create ComboBox in wxPython

In this wxPython tutorial we want to learn How to Create ComboBox in wxPython, wxPython is powerful GUI library that allows you to create graphical user interfaces in Python. one of the widgets that you may find useful when creating GUI is a ComboBox. in this article we want to talk about creating ComboBox in wxPython.



This is the complete code for this article



In the above code first we have imported our wxPython module.



After that we have created an instance of the wx.App class. this object will be the foundation of our Python GUI application.



Now we need to create a window to hold our ComboBox. we can do this by creating an instance of the wx.Frame class, first argument (None) indicates that this frame has no parent, and the title argument sets the title of the frame.



To create a ComboBox, we need to create an instance of the wx.ComboBox class, first argument (frame) tells the ComboBox which window it belongs to. choices argument is a list of the items that will be displayed in the ComboBox. style argument sets the style of the ComboBox; in this case we use wx.CB_DROPDOWN to create a ComboBox with a drop down list of items. 



Now that we have created ComboBox, we need to add it to the frame. we can do this using the Sizer class. 



Now that we have created our ComboBox and added it to the frame, we can show the frame to the user. 



And at the end we need to start the event loop that will handle user input and keep our GUI running.



Run the complete code and this will be the result

How to Create ComboBox in wxPython
How to Create ComboBox in wxPython



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