How to Create DropDown in Python Kivy

In this Python Kivy article we want to learn about How to Create DropDown in Python Kivy,  so Python Kivy is an open source GUI framework for Python Programming Language, that you can use it for building multi touch applications for different platforms like desktops, mobile devices and Raspberry Pi. Kivy DropDown is a list of options that can be selected by clicking or tapping on a button, in this article we want to talk tjay how to create dropdowns in Python Kivy.


First of all we need to import required modules from Kivy.


After that we have imported the necessary libraries, we can create a dropdown by instantiating DropDown class. 



For adding options to the dropdown, we need to create buttons for each option and add them to the dropdown, in this code we are going to loop through list of the options, after that we set the text of each button and also we set the size_hint.



Now that we have created the dropdown and added options to it, we need to add it to our Kivy app. 



At the end we can run our app, for running our app we need to create an instance of our MyApp class and call the run() method. 




This is the complete code for this article




Run the complete code and this will be the result

How to Create DropDown in Python Kivy
How to Create DropDown in Python Kivy



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