How to Create Print Preview in Python PySide6

In this Python PySide6 article we are going to learn How to Create Print Preview in Python PySide6, Printing is common task in many applications and providing print preview is often necessary to give users an idea of what the printed output will look like. PySide6 is Python library for creating graphical user interfaces and it provides simple way to create print previews. in this article we want to learn how to create a print preview in PySide6.




How to Create Print Preview in Python PySide6

First of all you need to install Python PySide6 and you can install that using pip command like this 



This is the complete code

In the above code first we have imported our required classes and modules, sys module is imported to handle command line arguments. QApplication is used to create new application instance, and QMainWindow is used to create the main window of the application.

QTextEdit is a widget for editing and displaying plain or rich text. setCentralWidget method is used to set the text editor as the central widget of the main window.

print preview action is created by defining a QAction object with label Print Preview. when the action is triggered, it calls the show_print_preview method of MainWindow class.

show_print_preview method creates new QPrinter object with high resolution setting and an A4 page size with 10mm margins. QPrintPreviewDialog is then created using QPrinter object and connected to print_preview slot.

print_preview slot is called when the QPrintPreviewDialog is shown and it prints the contents of the text editor onto the QPrinter object passed as a parameter.

And lastly QApplication is executed with sys.exit() to run the event loop and show the main window.




Run the code and this will be the result

How to Create Print Preview in Python PySide6
How to Create Print Preview in Python PySide6




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