How to Create TextBox in PyQt6

In this PyQt6 article we want to learn that How to Create TextBox in PyQt6, so PyQt6 is Python binding for the popular Qt framework, PyQt6 provides a powerful toolkit for developing GUI applications, and PyQt6 TextBox allows users to input and display text.


First of all you need to install PyQt6 and you can use pip for that.



First of all we need to import our required modules and classes.



After that we need to create an application instance and a main window. The main window will act as the container for our textbox.




Now that we have our main window set up, let’s create the textbox itself. we want to use the QTextEdit class to achieve this, in this code we creates an instance of QTextEdit and associate it with our main window. after that we use the setGeometry() method to specify the position and size of the textbox within the window.



To provide an initial hint or instruction to the user, you can set a placeholder text for the textbox using the setPlaceholderText() method.



If you want to prevent the user from modifying the textbox content, you can enable the readonly mode using the setReadOnly() method.



After that the textbox and its associated features are set up, we can display the application to the user.



This is the complete code for this article




Run the complete code and this will be the result

How to Create TextBox in PyQt6
How to Create TextBox in PyQt6



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