How to Draw BarChart with Python Turtle

In this lesson i want to show you How to Draw BarChart with Python Turtle.



What is Python Turtle ?

Python Turtle is module in the Python programming language that allows you to create simple graphics using virtual turtle that you can control with code. the turtle moves across the screen, drawing lines as it goes and you can use functions in the turtle module to control its position, shape, color and other properties.

Python Turtle is  fun and educational tool for learning basic graphics programming, as well as for prototyping simple animations and games. with Python Turtle you can easily create shapes, patterns and drawings using few lines of code, making it an ideal tool for beginners learning to code or for children learning to program.

turtle module is included in the standard library of Python, so you can start using it right away, without the need to install any additional packages. turtle module provides simple and intuitive interface and its commands are easy to understand and it makes it best choice for anyone looking to learn the basics of graphics programming.



This is an example of how you can use the turtle module to draw a bar chart for a given set of data:

This code creates bar chart with seven bars each representing a value in data list. draw_bar function takes turtle object and the height of the bar and it uses the turtle to draw bar with the given height. turtle is first set up with specific width and height and the x and y axis are drawn using the forward and right methods. finally bars are drawn using the draw_bar function and the turtle screen is closed using the turtle.done() method.

Note that turtle module is not ideal for drawing complex or highly customizable charts but it can be fun way to learn basic graphics programming in Python.



Run the complete code and this will be the result.

How to Draw BarChart with Python Turtle
How to Draw BarChart with Python Turtle



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