How to Find the Index of Value in Numpy Array

In this lesson we want to learn How to find the Index of value in Numpy Array.


What is Numpy ?

NumPy is library for the Python programming language that is used for numerical computing and data analysis. it provides support for arrays, which are high-performance, multi-dimensional data structures that can store and manipulate large amounts of numerical data.

NumPy is the foundation of many other libraries and packages in the scientific computing and data analysis communities, including SciPy, pandas and scikit-learn.

Some key features of NumPy include:

  • N-dimensional arrays: NumPy provides flexible and efficient array data structure for representing numerical data in different forms, from simple vectors and matrices to more complex data structures.
  • Mathematical functions: NumPy includes large collection of mathematical functions for operations on arrays, including linear algebra, statistics and signal processing.
  • Broadcasting: NumPy provides support for broadcasting which allows arrays with different shapes to be used in mathematical operations with each other.
  • Integration with other libraries: NumPy integrates with other libraries, such as pandas and Matplotlib, making it easy to use NumPy arrays in a variety of applications.

We can say that NumPy is an essential tool for anyone working with numerical data in Python, and it is widely used in different fields such as data science, machine learning and scientific computing.



How to Install Numpy ?

To install NumPy, you can use the package manager pip in the command line or terminal. Simply run the following command:



How to Find the Index of Value in Numpy Array ?

In NumPy, you can use the numpy.where function to find index of value in NumPy array.

this is an example of how you can use numpy.where to find the index of value in one-dimensional NumPy array:

In above example np.where(a == value) returns tuple of arrays representing the indices where the value 3 occurs in the array a. Since np.where returns tuple of arrays, you need to use index[0][0] to get the first and only element of the result.


You can also use numpy.where to find the index of value in two-dimensional NumPy array:

In this case np.where(b == value) returns two arrays, one representing the row indices and one representing the column indices where the value 6 occurs in the array b. the index of the value 6 in the array b is then (index[0][0], index[1][0]), which is (1, 2) in this case.



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