How to Integrate PyQt5 with Pandas

In this PyQt5 article we want to learn How to Integrate PyQt5 with Pandas, so PyQt5 is  powerful GUI toolkit for Python, and Pandas is popular library for data analysis in Python. Integrating PyQt5 with Pandas allows you to create interactive and dynamic data driven applications.



First of all you need to install PyQt5 and Pandas



This is the complete code for this article


In the above code first we have imported our require libraries and modules from PyQt5. for example we have imported specific classes from PyQt5.QtWidgets and PyQt5.QtGui libraries, which are used to build GUI. specifically QApplication class that creates the main application object, QMainWindow class creates main application window and QTableView class provides a view onto a table model.

After that we have defined custom class called MainWindow that extends from QMainWindow. in init method of the MainWindow class we have set up QTableView widget as the central widget of the main window. and then we creates sample data DataFrame and  QStandardItemModel, which is specialized model designed to work with the QTableView widget. model is then populated with data from the DataFrame, and finally model is set for QTableView widget.



Run the code and this will  be the result

How to Integrate PyQt5 with Pandas
How to Integrate PyQt5 with Pandas




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