How to Make an Instagram Bot With Python

In this lesson we want to learn How to Make an Instagram Bot With Python ?


What is Bot ?

Bot is a type of software application that is designed to automate tasks typically by interacting with other online services through APIs. In the context of social media a bot might be used to automate actions such as liking posts, following users or commenting on posts. the goal of  social media bot can be different and it depends on specific use case. some bots are used for marketing purposes, while others are used to gather data, automate tedious tasks or to create art. It’s important to note that using bots on social media platforms is often against the terms of use and can result in penalties or account bans.



How to Make an Instagram Bot With Python?

This is an overview of how you can make an Instagram bot with Python and the InstaBot library:

  1. Install InstaBot: You will need to install the InstaBot library in your Python environment. You can do this by running the following command in your terminal or command prompt: pip install instabot
  2. Import InstaBot: In your Python script you will need to import InstaBot library. you can do this by adding the following line of code at the top of your script: from instabot import Bot
  3. Create a Bot Instance: To create bot instance, you will need to call Bot class and pass your Instagram credentials to it. this is an example:


  1. Write Bot Logic: Once you have created  bot instance, you can write logic for your bot. for example, you can write code that follows users, likes their posts or comments on their posts. this is an example of bot that follows users:


  1. Run the Bot: finally you will need to run your bot. You can do this by calling run() method on your bot instance. this is an example:



This is complete example of how to make an Instagram bot with Python and InstaBot that follows users:


Note: Please be aware that using bots on Instagram is against their terms of use. Automating actions like following and commenting can result in your account being banned or penalized. If you decide to make an Instagram bot do so at your own risk and be sure to abide by Instagram’s terms of use.



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