How to Print Current Time in Python

In this Python article we are going to learn How to Print Current Time in Python, Many programs rely on the accurate machine time, such as the make command in UNIX. Your machine time may be different and need synchronizing with another time server in your network. In order to synchronize your machine time with one of the Internet time servers, you can write a Python client for that. For this, ntplib will be used. Here, the client/server conversation will be done using Network Time Protocol (NTP). If ntplib is not installed on your machine, you can get it from PyPI.




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What is NTPLib ?

This module offers a simple interface to query NTP servers from Python. It also provides utility functions to translate NTP fields values to text (mode, leap indicator…). Since it’s pure Python, and only depends on core modules, it should work on any platform with a Python implementation.




You can use pip for the installation.



So now this is the complete code 




Here is an NTP client has been created and an NTP request has been sent to one of the Internet NTP servers, The ctime() function is used for printing the response.




Run the complete code and this is the result.

How to Print Current Time in Python
How to Print Current Time in Python


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