How to Search Amazon Products with Python

In this article we want to learn that How to Search Amazon Products with Python, so as we know that Amazon is one the most popular and big marketplace. it has millions of products, and finding specific items can be a difficult task. but by using the power of Python we can streamline the process and develop a powerful tool to search Amazon products efficiently.



First of all we need to install required libraries and we can use pip for that.



For searching products on Amazon programmatically with Python, we need to scrape the web page using the Requests library and parse the HTML content using Beautiful Soup. Let’s get started with a simple example that searches for a product and retrieves its title and price.

In the above code, we have defined search_amazon_products function that takes a keyword as input. after that we construct the URL by appending the keyword to the Amazon search URL. The User-Agent header is set to imitate a web browser request, and the Accept-Language header ensures we receive English content.

We send a GET request to the URL and retrieve the response using the Requests library. After that the response is parsed using Beautiful Soup, searching for product containers with the class s-result-item. Inside each container, we extract the product title and price using their class names. and finally we print the retrieved information.



Run the code and this will be the result

How to Search Amazon Products with Python
How to Search Amazon Products with Python




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