Matplotlib Python Animation

In this Matplotlib tutorial we want to learn about Matplotlib Python Animation, so Python Matplotlib library provides easy capabilities for creating animated visualizations, in this tutorial we want to talk about this concept. 



First of all you need to install Matplotlib and you can use pip for matplotlib installation.



After installation, we need to import our required modules from matplotlbi library.



After that we need to create some dummy data, because we are going to create a line plot that gradually updates over time.



Using Matplotlib animation module, we can create the animated plot. we can define an update our function that specifies how the plot should change at each frame. in our code FuncAnimation class is used to create the animation, and it takes the figure, update function, number of frames,and interval (in milliseconds) as parameters.




For displaying the animated plot, we can use the function.



If you want to to save the animation as a video file, you can use the save method of the FuncAnimation object. 




This is the complete code for this article




Run your code and this will be the output

Matplotlib Python Animation
Matplotlib Python Animation



So in this article we have successfully created an animated plot using Matplotlib Python animation. Animated visualizations are a powerful tool for showcasing dynamic data or processes. With Matplotlib animation module, you can create informative animated plots.



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