Pygame Caption: Giving Your Game a Title

In this Pygame article we want to learn about Pygame Caption: Giving Your Game a Title, if you are creating a game with Pygame, one of the important things you want to do is give it a title. title of your game will be the first thing players see when they start it up, so it is essential to make it nice and descriptive title. in this article we want to learn how to give your Pygame game a title using pygame.display.set_caption() function.



First things first, you need to import is the Pygame module and initialize it with the pygame.init() function.



After that the Pygame is initialized you can set caption of your game display window using pygame.display.set_caption() function. this function takes string as an argument, which will be the title of your game. for example:



After setting the caption of your game, you need to update Pygame display for the changes to take effect. you can do this with pygame.display.update() function.



This is the complete code for this article

This code initializes Pygame and sets dimensions of the display window. after that it sets the title of the display window using pygame.display.set_caption(), and updates the display using pygame.display.update(). and finally the code enters a game loop that continually updates the display until the user closes the window.



Run the complete code and this will be the result

Pygame Caption: Giving Your Game a Title
Pygame Caption: Giving Your Game a Title



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