Python Flask Web Scraping

In this Python Flask article we are going to learn about Flask Web Scraping, so as you know that we are located in the age of information, and data is the heart of information, so if you want to gather data, than web scraping is one of the best tools for extracting data from websites. on the other hand Flask is one of the popular Python Web Framework. in this article we want to talk about Flask web scraping.



What is Flask ?

Flask is lightweight and easy web framework that allows developers to build web applications in Python. it provides simple but powerful foundation for creating scalable and modular applications. 




So web scraping involves automatically extracting data from websites by parsing the HTML or XML content of web pages. using web scraping we can collect information from different sources like news articles, product listing or social media profiles.



Before starting our web scraping, let’s create our Flask application. first of all you need to install Flask and for that you can use pip. after that Flask installed you can create a basic Flask application with just a few lines of code. 

This is simple Flask application that creates a route for the root URL (“/”) and returns a simple greeting message.



For performing web scraping in a Flask application, we need to use a web scraping library such as BeautifulSoup or Scrapy. These libraries provides powerful tools for parsing and extracting data from HTML or XML documents.



First of all we need to install this library and we can use pip for that.




Now this is the complete code for this article

In the above code, we have used BeautifulSoup find method to locate the <div> element with the class name entry-summary, which corresponds to the article summary of the latest blog post on the website. we extract the text content of this element using get_text() and strip any leading or trailing whitespace.




Run the code and go to, this will be the result

Python Flask Web Scraping
Python Flask Web Scraping




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