Python Phonenumbers Library

In this article we want to learn about Python Phonenumbers Library , as you know Python is one of the best language and it has a lot of different libraries for different purposes. Phonenumbers is one of the libraries that it has different features like providing basic information of a phone number, validation of a phone number etc.



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It is a third party library and you need to install this library, you can use pip for the installation.



Finding the format in a Phone Number.




You will see that we have the format for the phone number.



OK now we want to create an example to get phone number from a text.



This is the result.




For mobile numbers in some countries, you can also find out information about which carrier originally owned a phone number.




Run the code and this is the result.




You might also be able to retrieve a list of time zone names that the number potentially belongs to.




If your application has a UI that allows the user to type in a phone number, it’s nice to get the formatting applied as the user types. The AsYouTypeFormatter object allows this.




This is the result.



This was a simple example on How to Use Phonenumbers Library in Python



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