Python Plotly vs Matplotlib

In this article we want to talk about Python Plotly vs Matplotlib, so when it comes to data visualization in Python, then there are two popular library that we have in Python, we have Plotly and Matplotlib, these two libraries offer powerful tools for creating visual representations of data, but they have different approaches and features that make them unique. in this article we want to talk about the different between these two.



What is Plotly ?

Plotly is a comprehensive data visualization library that focuses on creating interactive and web based plots. It provides an easy way for generating visually appealing charts, graphs and dashboards. Plotly strength lies in its interactivity, and it allows users to explore data, zoom in and out, hover over points and add annotations.



What is Matplotlib ?

Matplotlib is one of the most popular and widely used data visualization libraries in Python. It offers different static, high-quality 2D and limited 3D plots. Matplotlib is known for its v flexibility, and it provides best control over every aspect of the plot. It is an excellent choice for creating publication ready visualizations with customization.



Let’s consider a practical example of visualizing historical stock prices over time to compare how Plotly and Matplotlib handle this scenario.



First of we need to import  the necessary libraries:



After that we need to load the data, we are going to use the Pandas library to load a sample stock price dataset in CSV format:



Now first let’s plot with plotly, for creating an interactive line plot with Plotly, we can use the plot function from the module, Plotly generates an interactive plot that allows zooming, panning and hovering over the data points to display additional information.



Now for creating a static line plot with Matplotlib, we can use the plot function from the pyplot module, Matplotlib produces a static plot that can be saved or used in publications. Matplotlib provides extensive customization options for axes, labels, colors, and more.




Now this is the complete code for Plotly




This will be the output

Python Plotly vs Matplotlib
Python Plotly vs Matplotlib




This is the complete code for Matplotlib




And this will be the output

Python Plotly vs Matplotlib
Python Plotly vs Matplotlib



So we can say that both Plotly and Matplotlib are powerful visualization libraries in Python, each of them has its own strengths and weakness. Plotly is good for creating interactive and web based visualizations, and this is ideal for exploratory data analysis and creating interactive dashboards. Matplotlib on the other hand is a powerful library that offers best control over plot customization, and this is good for creating publication ready visualizations.




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