Python Web Development Frameworks

In this article we are going to introduce Python Web Development Frameworks ,

so as you know Python is general purpose language, it means that there are different

sections that you can use Python, one of them is Web Development, in this article we 

are going to introduce the most powerful and popular Python Web Development Frameworks.




What is Framework ?

A framework is nothing but it is a collection of modules that make development easier.

They are grouped together, and allows us to create applications or websites from an existing

source, instead of from scratch.




1: Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development

and clean, pragmatic design. and django is suitable for both front-end and back-end.

And also django is famous because of it is admin panel , and auto generated back-end

that allows you to manage completely your website.

There are different websites that are using Django, for example Instagram  uses

Django as their back-end, also there are some more websites like Reddit, Spotify ,

Dropbox that are using Django.



You can simply install django using pip 



For creating of Django Project you can use this command.



Now run your Project 



This will be the result 

Python Web Development Frameworks
Python Web Development Frameworks





2: Flask

Flask is a micro web framework that is written In python. We are saying micro framework,

but it does not mean that you can not build large applications with flask, it means that flask

provides a solid core with the basics services. But you can use extensions for the rest of the

work. For example in flask there is no native support for database, webforms, authentications

and many more but you can use extensions for this,  for example for working with the forms

you can use flask-wtf or for working orm model you can use sqlalchemy. bong




You can use pip for the installation 



Creating an example in Flask




Run the example and this is the result 

Flask Python Web Development
Flask Python Web Development




3: CherryPy

Cherrypy is a pythonic, object oriented web framework, CherryPy allows developers to

build web applications in much the same way they would build any other object-oriented

Python program. This results in smaller source code developed in less time. And also .

CherryPy is now more than ten years old and it is has proven to be very fast and stable .

cherrypy is being used in production by many sites. According to their documentation

CherryPy is used by Netflix . so  Netflix uses CherryPy as a building block in their

infrastructure: “Restful APIs to large applications with requests.




You can install cherrypy using pip



Creating an example in CherryPy




Run the code and this is the result 

Python CherryPy Example
Python CherryPy Example





4: Bottle 

Bottle is a fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python.

It is distributed as a single file module and has no dependencies other than the 

Python Standard Library.




You can install bottle using pip 



Creating example in Bottle Python Web Development Frameworks 




Run the code and this will be the result.

Python Web Framework Bottle
Python Web Framework Bottle




5: Pyramid

 Pyramid is also an open-source Python-based web development framework. Its main

goal is to do as much as possible with minimum complexity. If you look at Megaframeworks,

make decisions for you, but if you don’t fit their viewpoint, you end up struggling with their

choices. On the other hand, Microframeworks force no decisions, making it easy to start.

But as your application grows, you’re on your own. The most striking feature of the

Pyramid is its ability to work well with both small and large applications.







Creating an example in Pyramid Web Framework




Run the code and this is the example 

Python Web Pyramid
Python Web Pyramid





All Python Web Development Frameworks are good, but in my opinion if you are planing

to build a large project than Django is the best choice, because it is a full featured web

framework, Flask is good for small projects.




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