Flask CRUD
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In this Flask CRUD Application lesson we are going to learn about Flask CRUD Application Creating MySQL Database, for creating of the MySQL database we are going to use WAMP Server, so make sure that you have already installed WAMP Server.



Open your WAMP Server and iam going to call my database CRUD, for right now iam not going to create tables for my newly created database, i will add the tables dynamically using SQLAlchemy, as we have already said that in this course we want to use SQLAlchemy.



You need these installations.



Now open your App.py file and you need to add some codes for database configuration and database tables.



These configurations are for database connection, you need to give the database type, database name, password and host name.



This is our database table.




And this is our complete code for App.py file.




After that you need to open your Python terminal in Pycharm IDE.




Now our database table is created.

Flask CRUD Application Creating MySQL Database
Flask CRUD Application Creating MySQL Database




This is our other files.