How to Create wxPython Panel with wx.Panel

In this wxPython article we want to learn How to Create wxPython Panel with wx.Panel, so wxPython is popular and powerful GUI library for Python programmers. because it has different widgets and tools for creating GUI Applications, wxPython enables developers to create graphical user interfaces for their Python applications, and the most commonly used widgets in wxPython is wx.Panel widget. in this article we want to learn how to create wxPython panels using the wx.Panel widget, first of all let’s talk about wxPython panel.



What is a wxPython Panel ?

wxPython panel is a widget that can be used to organize other widgets in a window. Panels are often used to group related widgets together and to provide container for widgets that need to be organized in specific layout. Panels can also be used to add custom drawing and event handling functionality to window.


How to Create wxPython Panel with wx.Panel ?

Creating wxPython panel is easy. for creating a new panel, you can use wx.Panel constructor.


Now let me describe above code

parent parent window of the panel.
id ID of the panel. If set to wx.ID_ANY, wxPython will assign a unique ID to the panel automatically.
pos position of the panel within the parent window.
size size of the panel.
style style of the panel. By default, panels use the wx.TAB_TRAVERSAL style, which allows the user to navigate between widgets using the keyboard’s tab key.
name name of the panel.



After that you have created wxPython panel, you can add other widgets to it using the sizer classes provided by wxPython such as wx.BoxSizer or wx.GridSizer.

In this example we have created a class called MyPanel that inherits from wx.Panel. in the __init__ method of the class, we creates  wx.StaticText widget and add it to the panel using  wx.BoxSizer. wx.BoxSizer is set as the sizer of the panel using the SetSizer method.




This is the complete code for this article




Run the complete code and this will be the result

How to Create wxPython Panel with wx.Panel
How to Create wxPython Panel with wx.Panel



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