Python Socket Server Tutorial

In this Python Socket Tutorial  we want to learn about Python Socket Server Tutorial, so Python socket programming is powerful way to create network applications. by the help of sockets, you can send and receive data over network connection. in this tutorial we want to learn how to create simple Python socket server that can accept client connections and send and receive data. but before that let’s talk that what is Socket.


What is Socket ?

Socket is low level endpoint for sending or receiving data across network connection. it is an abstraction provided by the operating system that allows applications to communicate with each other over network. Sockets work on top of the TCP/IP protocol which is the most widely used protocol for networking.



Socket Programming in Python

Python provides simple and easy socket API that allows developers to create network applications. socket API is part of the Python standard library and provides functions to create and use sockets.



Python Socket Server Tutorial

This is basic example of Python socket server

In the above code we have created socket object using socket.socket function. after that we have binded the socket to specific address and port using the bind method. after that we listen for incoming connections using the listen method.

when a client connects to our server, we accept the connection using the accept method, which returns new socket object representing the client connection. after that we send a message to the client using the send method, and receive data from the client using the recv method. and lastly we close the client connection using the close method.



To run this code first you need to save the file and after that run the file using terminal, after that open another terminal and run this command telnet localhost 8000.



This will be the result in two terminal 

Python Socket Server Tutorial
Python Socket Server Tutorial



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