Python Pillow: The Ultimate Guide to Image Processing with Python

In this lesson we want to learn about Python Pillow: The Ultimate Guide to Image Processing with Python.



Image processing is important aspect of many software applications and Python programming language provides powerful set of tools for working with images. one of the most important tools in the Python image processing is Pillow library.

In this article we are going to take a deep dive into the world of image processing with Python and Pillow library. We will start by covering the basics of image processing, including image file formats and image manipulation techniques. after that we will show you how to install the Pillow library and start using it to create stunning images.



What is Python Pillow ?

Python Pillow is an image processing library for the Python programming language. It is fork of the Python Imaging Library (PIL), which has been inactive since 2011. Pillow is actively maintained and it provides different options for image processing capabilities, including support for various image file formats, basic image manipulation and more advanced image processing techniques such as color correction and filtering.



How to Install Python Pillow ?

The first step for using Python Pillow is to install it. Pillow is available through Python Package Index (PyPI), and it can be installed using pip. to install Pillow simply run the following command in your terminal or command prompt:



Using Python Pillow

After you have installed Pillow, you are ready to start using it to create images. this is simple example that shows how to use Python Pillow to read an image from disk and display it on the screen:


In this example first of all we have imported the Image class from the PIL module. after that we use the method to read an image file from disk and create Pillow Image object. and lastly we have used show method to display the image on the screen.


One of the key strengths of the Pillow library is its ability to perform image manipulation and processing tasks. for example you can easily resize an image, crop it or apply filters and effects to it.

This is an example that shows how to use Python Pillow to resize an image:


In this example we have used the resize method to resize the original image to width of 300 pixels and height of 200 pixels. after that we have used the save method to save the resized image to disk.


Final Thoughts

Python Pillow is powerful image processing library that makes it easy to create wonderful images with Python. if  you are beginner or an experienced developer, this article provides you comprehensive overview of the Pillow library and how to use it to create amazing images. so why wait? Start – Python Pillow: The Ultimate Guide to Image Processing with Python



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