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In this TKinter Tutorial we are going to learn creating TKinter TextBox, for tkinter textbox also we can call TextEntry.



This is the complete code for this lesson.




You can use tkinter.Entry() for creating of the TextBox or EntryBox in tkinter, also you can give the width of the textbox.



You can add your textbox in the grid layout using this code.




In here we have created our button , we have added a command in the button, because we want to connect this command with the click_me() method, also you need to add your button in the grid layout, specifying the row and column number.




And this is the method that we have already connected with the command button, basically in this method we are printing the textbox input in the label.




Run the complete code and this will be the result.
TKinter Tutorial - TKinter TextBox
TKinter Tutorial – TKinter TextBox