How to Add Animation and Effects in PyQt6

In this PyQt6 tutorial we want to learn that How to Add Animation and Effects in PyQt6, so PyQt6 is Python binding for the popular Qt framework, PyQt6 provides a powerful toolkit for building GUIs in Python programming language, also using PyQt6 you can add animations and effects to your PyQt6 applications.



First of all we need to install PyQt6 and for that we can use pip:



First of all we need tp import required modules and classes from PyQt6.



In here we have created our QMainWindow and a QLabel widget:



After that we have created an animation and define its properties:



And using this code we can start our animation



Also you can add Easing Curve, Easing curves control the pace of an animation, and it allows you to create more natural and visually appealing effects. PyQt6 provides different predefined easing curves, such as linear, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out and custom curves. You can set the easing curve for an animation using the setEasingCurve() method.


For example we can apply an ease-in-out effect to our previous example:




PyQt6 Applying Effects

In addition to animations, PyQt6 allows you to apply effects to UI elements. QGraphicsEffect class serves as the base class for different effects, including blur, drop shadow, opacity and colorization.



For adding effects first we need to add our imports 



Create an effect and set its properties:



Apply the effect to the widget, for example in here we want to add to the label.




This is the complete code for this article

In the above code, we have created a QMainWindow and add a QLabel widget to it. after that we have defined a QPropertyAnimation that moves the label from its initial position (10, 10) to the target position (200, 200) over a duration of 2 seconds. also we apply an ease-in-out easing curve to the animation for a smooth effect.

Also we create a QGraphicsColorizeEffect and set it to a red color. We apply this effect to the label, which adds a colorization effect. and lastly we start the animation and execute the application event loop.




Run the code and you will see an animation and effect to the label

How to Add Animation and Effects in PyQt6
How to Add Animation and Effects in PyQt6




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