How to Create SpinBox in PyQt6

In this PyQt6 article we want to learn that How to Create SpinBox in PyQt6, so PyQt6 is one of the popular frameworks, that you can build GUI applications with Python, and PyQt6 SpinBox allows users to select values from a predefined range using up and down arrow buttons. 



First of all you need to install PyQt6, we can use pip for PyQt6 installation.



After installation, we need to import our required modules and classes from PyQt6.



After that we need to create an application instance and a main window, which will serve as the container for our SpinBox.



Now, let’s create the SpinBox itself. we want to use QSpinBox class for this purpose, In the above code, we have created an instance of QSpinBox and associate it with our main window. after that we use the setGeometry() method to define the position and size of the SpinBox within the window.



For defining the range of selectable values in the SpinBox, we can use setRange() method. we can also set a default value using the setValue() method.



For handling value changes in the SpinBox, we can connect the valueChanged signal to a custom function, in this example handle_value_change function will be called whenever the value in the SpinBox changes, and it will add the value of spinbox in the label.




Run the complete code and this will be the result

How to Create SpinBox in PyQt6
How to Create SpinBox in PyQt6



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