What is PyGTK ?

PyGTK is set of Python bindings for the GTK+ GUI toolkit. it allows Python developers to create graphical user interfaces using the GTK+ toolkit, which is popular toolkit used in many Linux and UNIX based desktop environments. PyGTK is similar to other GUI toolkits like PyQt, wxPython and Tkinter, but it is specifically designed to work with GTK+ and the GNOME desktop environment. It provides set of widgets and classes that can be used to create different types of graphical user interfaces, including windows, menus, buttons and other common GUI elements.



How to Install PyGTK ?

To install PyGtk on Windows, you can use the binary installer provided by the GTK+ project. On Linux you can install it using your package manager, such as apt-get or yum. To install it on MacOS, you can use the package manager Homebrew.


For example:





You can also use pip to install PyGtk


Please note that PyGtk is no longer actively maintained and it is not recommended to use it for new projects as it is based on GTK+2 which is also no longer actively maintained. PyGtk+3 is wrapper for GTK+3 and the recommended way to use GTK+3 with Python.



Create Basic Window in PyGTK ?

To create basic window you will need to first install PyGTK library. after the library is installed, you can create new Python script and import the gtk module. for creating new window, you can use the gtk.Window class, and set its properties such as the title and size.


this is an example:

In this example we have created new class BasicWindow that inherits from gtk.Window. In __init__ method we have set title, size and an event handler for the “destroy” event, which will close the window when it is closed. show_all method is used to display the window, and the gtk.main function is used to start the main loop and handle events.



Is PyGTK is Suitable for Building Python GUI Apps ?

It  is set of libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for desktop applications using Python programming language. it is an older library and is no longer actively developed, and its use is not as common as other GUI libraries such as PyQt, wxPython or Tkinter. however it is still an option for building GUI apps and has been used different successful projects. Whether it is suitable for your specific project will depend on your requirements and constraints.






PyGTK is for Python 2 or 3 ?

PyGTK is for Python 2. PyGTK is no longer being actively developed and it is recommended to use Python 3 and other GUI libraries such as PyQt6 or PySide6.



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