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In this Django tutorial we want to learn about Django Many-To-One Relationships, there are different models relationships in django, we have Many-to-One Relationships, One-to-One Relationships and Many-to-Many Relationships. basically in this lesson we want to learn about Django Many-to-One Relationships, so a many to one relationship implies that one model record can have many other model records associated  with itself.  To define this relationship in Django models you use  the ForeignKey data type on the model that has the many records .



In this example we want to create a new Choice model and we want to create a many-to-one Relationship between the Question and Choice model, so this is our model basically we have three fields for this model and the first field is the relationship field.



So this is our complete file.




After creating of a new model in django, you need to do migration and after that migrate your project.


So after doing this you will see that we have added a table in to our database.



Now let’s register our this model in our file, so open your file and add this.




This is our complete file.




And this is our django admin panel.

Django Many-to-One Relationships
Django Many-to-One Relationships




Rest of the file for this tutorial.