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In this lesson we want to learn about Python PySide6 QPrintPreviewDialog.



Introduction to QPrintPreviewDialog

QPrintPreviewDialog is dialog box provided by the PySide6 module of Python that allows users to preview and print documents. it is subclass of QDialog and provides number of options for previewing and printing, including the ability to set the page range and the number of copies to print.



This is the example of QPrintPreviewDialog in Python PySide6

In this example we have created MyWindow class that inherits from QMainWindow and it contains text editor widget, printer object and print related actions in the menu bar. the show_print_dialog method shows the print dialog and prints the document if the user confirms. the show_print_preview_dialog method creates and shows the print preview dialog, sets it up and connects its signals to the text editor widget’s print method and lambda function that prints message to the console.

In the main block we have created an instance of MyWindow and show it using app.exec(). this allows the event loop to run and the user to interact with the application.



Run the complete code and this will be the result.

Python PySide6 QPrintPreviewDialog
Python PySide6 QPrintPreviewDialog




Final Thoughts

QPrintPreviewDialog is powerful tool provided by PySide6 for previewing and printing documents. it allows users to see what their document will look like before printing and provides different options for setting the page range, the number of copies and other print related settings.

One of the main advantages of QPrintPreviewDialog is that it can be easily integrated into existing PySide6 applications, either as standalone dialog box or as part of larger application window. it also provides different signals that can be connected to user defined functions, allowing developers to customize the printing and previewing process to suit their needs.

In result we can say that QPrintPreviewDialog is great tool for anyone who needs to provide printing functionality in their PySide6 applications. whether you are creating simple text editor or complex business application, QPrintPreviewDialog can help you provide high quality printing experience for your users.