How to Create Button in Python and PySide6

In this Python PySide6 article we want to learn How to Create Button in Python and PySide6, for creating of button in pyside6 we can use QPushButton class, QPushButton is a class in PySide6, which is Python binding for the Qt application framework. it represents push button widget that can be added to a graphical user interface (GUI) created using PySide6.  QPushButton object can be created by instantiating the class and passing the button’s text as an argument.


for example to create button with the text “Click me”, you can do:


After that you can add button to layout or widget using methods such as addWidget or setLayout:



You can also customize appearance and behavior of the button using different properties and methods of the QPushButton class. for example you can set the button’s tooltip using the setToolTip method.




This is the complete example of Python PySide6 button

In this example we have defined MyWindow class that inherits from QWidget, which is base class for all PySide6 widgets. after that we create an instance of QVBoxLayout and set it as the layout for the window. and then we creates QPushButton and QLabel instance and add it to the layout, and connect its clicked signal to a method called on_button_clicked. and finally we create an instance of MyWindow and show it using the show method.

When you run this code window with button labeled “Click me” and a label will appear. When you click the button, the message “Welcome to” will be appear in the label.




Run the complete code and this will be the result.

How to Create Button in Python and PySide6
How to Create Button in Python and PySide6

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