How to Create CheckButton in Python TKinter

In this Python TKinter article we are going to learn How to Create CheckButton in Python TKinter, creating CheckButtons in Python Tkinter is simple process that can be done with just few lines of code. CheckButtons are a type of GUI widget that allow users to select one or more options from a list. this makes them useful for creating interactive applications that require user input.




How to Create CheckButton in Python TKinter

So for creating of CheckButton in Python TKinter first we need to import TKinter module, this imports all of classes and functions from the Tkinter module.



Now we can create our TKinter window, and we can use Tk() function. this will creates a blank window that you can add widgets to. this is an example:

So this code creates a window with title CheckButton Example and a size of 300 pixels by 200 pixels.



For creating CheckButton in Python Tkinter, we need to use Checkbutton() function. this function takes several arguments including parent window, text to display next to the CheckButton and variable that will store state of the CheckButton.



If you want to create multiple CheckButtons you can repeat this process for each one. just make sure to use  different variable name for each CheckButton’s variable.




once we have created our CheckButtons, we need to display window by calling the mainloop() function. this function will keep the window open until the user closes it.




So this is the complete code for this article




With this code you should see a window with three CheckButtons labeled Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3. 

How to Create CheckButton in Python TKinter
How to Create CheckButton in Python TKinter




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