How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask

In this PyQt6 article we want to learn How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask, so Python is  powerful programming language, and it offers many different libraries for building desktop applications and web based applications. two popular libraries for building desktop applications and web applications are PyQt6 and Flask. in this article we will discuss how to integrate PyQt6 with Flask to build a web application with a desktop-like GUI.


What is PyQt6 ?

PyQt6 is set of Python bindings for the Qt framework, which is cross platform application development framework widely used for building desktop applications. PyQt6 allows developers to create desktop applications with a modern user interface that runs on multiple operating systems.



What is Flask ?

Flask is lightweight Python web framework that allows developers to build web applications quickly and easily. Flask is known for its simplicity, flexibility, and easy of use. Flask is commonly used for building small to medium-sized web applications and APIs.



Why Integrate PyQt6 with Flask ?

Integrating PyQt6 with Flask allows developers to create web applications with modern desktop like GUI. this can be useful for applications that require a richer user interface than what can be achieved with HTML, CSS and JavaScript alone. Also integrating PyQt6 with Flask can allow developers to reuse code between desktop and web applications and it makes development more efficient.



How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask

First of all we need to install the required libraries which is Flask and PyQt6.



We also need the QtWebEngineWidgets module which provides the web engine that we want to use to display web content. you can install it like this



This is the complete code for How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask, name the file



This is our index.html

This code sets up basic Flask application with SocketIO server that sends and receives messages. it also creates PyQt6 application that loads the Flask application in  QWebEngineView and shows it in a window. when the Flask application is opened in web browser and the PyQt6 application is started, they will communicate with each other via  QWebChannel and SocketIO.




Run the code and this will be the result

How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask
How to Integrate PyQt6 with Flask



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