Network Programming in Python Using Sockets

In this Python Network Programming article we want to learn about Network Programming in Python Using Sockets, for this purpose we are going to use socket module in Python. socket module allows you to create sockets and establish connections between clients and servers, so first of all let’s talk that what is socket ?



What is a Socket?

Socket is an endpoint of two way communication link between two programs running on the network. in network programming socket provides a way for communication between two programs over network.

In Python socket module provides low level interface for creating and working with sockets. socket module provides classes for handling client side and server side of network programming.



For creating a socket in Python, you can use socket() function from socket module. socket() function takes two parameters, socket family and socket type. socket family specifies protocol family of socket, and socket type specifies type of socket.


This is an example of socket in Python



For connecting to a server we can use connect() method of socket object. connect() method takes single parameter, which is a tuple containing the address and port number of the server.


This is our code for server connection



After that the socket connection has been established, you can send and receive data using socket send() and recv() methods.



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