How to Find Last Date of Month in Python

In this lesson i want to show you How to Find Last Date of Month in Python, so Python is high level and interpreted programming language that was first released in 1991. it is designed to be easy to read and write and it emphasizes code readability and clear syntax.

Python is general purpose language which means that it can be used to build almost any type of software including desktop applications, web applications, network servers, scientific application and machine learning models.

One of the reasons why Python is so popular is its large standard library, which provides support for many common programming tasks, such as connecting to web servers, reading and writing file  and working with data. in addition to the standard library, there are many third party libraries and packages available for Python, making it very good language.

Python is an interpreted language which means that code written in Python is executed line by line, rather than compiled into machine code like some other programming languages. this makes it easy to test and debug code and it allows for fast development and iteration.



How to Find Last Date of Month in Python

You can use the calendar module in Python to find the last date of month. calendar module provides monthrange function which returns weekday of the first day of the month and the number of days in the month for given year and month.

This is an example of how you can use monthrange to find the last date of month:



This code outputs:



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