Signals & Slots in Python Pyside6

In this article we want to learn about Signals & Slots in Python Pyside6, in PySide6 Signals and Slots are powerful tool for building event driven applications. Signals and Slots allow objects to communicate with each other by emitting and receiving signals. this article introduces you Signals and Slots in PySide6.



Signals and Slots Overview

In PySide6 signal is a notification that an event has occurred, while slot is a method that can be called in response to the signal. Signals and Slots are used to decouple different parts of  program and make them more modular, this allows for better code organization and reusability.

Signals and Slots in PySide6 works by connecting a signal from one object to a slot in another object. when the signal is emitted, the slot is called. this allows for powerful event driven programming, where the program responds to events as they occur.



Let’s consider an example that displays text box and a button. when button is clicked, the text box should display message. we will use Signals and Slots to achieve this behavior.

First of all we need to create MainWindow class that contains QTextEdit and QPushButton. after that we will connect QPushButton’s clicked signal to slot that will update the text in the QTextEdit.

In the MainWindow class we have creatde QTextEdit and QPushButton. after that we have connected QPushButton’s clicked signal to the update_text slot using connect() method. finally we have added widgets to the layout using the setCentralWidget() and addToolBar() methods.




Run the complete code and click on the button this will be the result.

Signals & Slots in Python Pyside6
Signals & Slots in Python Pyside6



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