How to Create Print Dialog in Python PySide6

In this Python PySide6 article we want to learn about How to Create Print Dialog in Python PySide6, so for creating Print Dialog in Python PySide6 we need to use QPrintDialog and QPrinter from QPrintSupport module.



What is PySide6 QPrinter ?

PySide6 QPrinter is a class that provides platform independent interface for printing in PySide6 applications. it represents printer device and allows you to control different aspects of the printing process such as page size, orientation, resolution and color mode.

QPrinter is part of the PySide6.QtPrintSupport module which provides classes for printing support in PySide6. this module also provides classes for implementing print previews, print dialogs and printer configuration dialogs.


These are some of the features of QPrinter:

  • It supports different page sizes such as A4, Letter, Legal and Custom.
  • It allows you to set page orientation to either portrait or landscape.
  • It supports different resolutions such as HighResolution, ScreenResolution and PrinterResolution.
  • It allows you to set the color mode to either Color, GrayScale or BlackAndWhite.
  • It provides methods for controlling page margins and page breaks.
  • It supports different output formats such as PDF, PostScript and Image.



How to Create Print Dialog in Python PySide6

So this is the complete code for this article



In the above code first we have imported the required modules and classes



After that you need to create QPrinter object



We need to create QPrintDialog object



Use the QPrintDialog object to execute the print dialog and get the user’s selection



If the user accepts the print dialog, use the selected QPrinter object to print the document




Run the code and this is the result

How to Create Print Dialog in Python PySide6
How to Create Print Dialog in Python PySide6



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