How to Deploy PyQt5 Applications

In this PyQt5 article we want to learn How to Deploy PyQt5 Applications, PyQt5 is Python library that allows developers to create GUI applications using the Qt framework. after that you have created your PyQt5 application next step is to deploy it so that others can use it. in this article we want to talk how to deploy PyQt5 applications.



How to Deploy PyQt5 Applications

First of all we need to install PyQt5, and you can use pip for the installation 



After that we need to create our basic GUI application in PyQt5, and we want to build simple PyQt5 GUI window.




Run the code and you will see basic window.

How to Deploy PyQt5 Applications
How to Deploy PyQt5 Applications



Next step is to create standalone executable that can be run on the target machine without any external dependencies. one way to do this is by using pyinstaller which is Python library that packages Python programs into standalone executables, first of all we need to install this library.



Now we can convert the PY file to EXE file.

This will creates standalone executable named yourapp in the dist/ directory. you can then distribute this executable to others who can run it without having to install any dependencies.



Distribute Your Application

Now that you have standalone executable, next step is to distribute your application to others. there are many ways to do this, depending on your target audience and platform.

If you are targeting Windows users, one option is to create an installer using tool like Inno Setup. Inno Setup allows you to create custom installer that includes your application and any required dependencies. this makes it easy for users to install your application on their machine.

For Mac users you can create DMG file that contains your application and any necessary dependencies. this can be done using hdiutil command line tool.

If you are targeting Linux users you can distribute your application as Debian package or an RPM package. this makes it easy for users to install your application using their package manager.



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